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If you attend without a suitable face covering single-use masks are available to buy at the time of your appointment, subject to availability. Ultrasound Direct provide reliable and accurate private ultrasound scans for women’s and men’s health, and pregnancy scans in Wales. Whether you need a first scant date your pregnancy or a fast-result gender scan, we offer a wide range of pregnancy scans, ultrasound screening, and Non-Invasive Prenatal Tests NIPT. Our pregnancy scans are longer than those offered by most other providers. For instance, early scan appointments are 15 minutes long, allowing us to provide full support, care and peace of mind. We also offer a full range of private ultrasound scans for women. These include pelvic scans fertility tests, post menopause tests, upper abdominal scans and kidneys, ureters and bladder scans. Our full range of private ultrasound scans for men include abdominal scans, testes and scrotum screening and kidneys ureters and prostate scans.

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We offer state of the art imaging on a choice of MRI scanners. We always carry out a complete, comprehensive examination to offer you the best diagnostic investigation we can. The price is determined by the number of body parts being scanned or if you require an injection. We will inform you of any time delay. We use the very latest high specification scanning technology.

All scans check the wellbeing of the baby, Scans from £

In these challenging times the SCoR and BMUS realise that sonographers are having to deal with managing the demands of providing a high quality service whilst protecting staff and patients, possibly with limited staffing and concerned patients. This frequently asked questions document aims to help provide answers, where possible, or guide sonographers to relevant sources of current information.

The information is changing on at least a daily basis, so it is important to review advice from Public Health England and other relevant bodies. It is important to realise that the current information regarding COVID is extremely fluid, changing as the situation demands. It is therefore important to follow the advice individual trusts and employers are releasing as this is pertinent to the local situation and will be in line with government advice.

The SCoR has general advice on the website www. Risk assessments should be carried out in all areas of ultrasound practice. Advice should be sought from the infection control team about decontamination of ultrasound machines, transducers and scan rooms. Personal protective equipment should be worn when it is necessary to scan a patient with suspected or known COVID See the SCoR website for more information.

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During the Covid outbreak women will routinely have a telephone consultation with a nurse rather than a face to face consultation in the clinic. When you do attend a clinic you cannot bring an escort with you unless:. Everything you tell us is kept private.

Faye Mortlock, 36, (pictured) who had a private ultrasound scan at Babybond in Cardiff shared how the clinic struggled to help after discovering.

Make your pregnancy even more magical with our early gender confirmation scans! We always check on the wellbeing of your baby when we perform any scan. Please note if you are looking for a gender reveal from 10 weeks we offer the harmony NIPT. Includes: full well-being check and measurements and 3 printed images. We value your data, please tick here to confirm your consent. For more information on your privacy please refer to our privacy notice. I consent. Been here for a 6 week early pregnancy scan, a reassurance scan and today for a gender reveal!

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Peekaboobaby will wipe down all equipment in the scan room before and after every scan. We ask that customers only bring ONE other guest from the same household with them going forward between there are no exceptions. Please come with a face mask or scarf when coming into peekaboo that covers nose and mouth. You will be asked to wash your hands as soon as you enter Peekaboobaby and after the scan. There may be a delay between scans to allow for thorough cleaning to take place.

The images are stored on to a CD Rom so providing a lasting record and scan pictures are available also. CRGW Cardiff. Ely Meadows (Medi-Science.

We would like to do all we can to make sure anyone who would like to attend during the COVID situation enters into a clean environment. Our sonographer will open and close all doors when you enter and leave the premises. You will be asked to clean your hands when you enter and when you leave. We will clean our room with antibacterial products after each customer has been seen. We will also provide a face mask if you do not have one of your own.

We will only allow one person plus partner to attend any booking or use our waiting room at anytime. We will not make any exceptions to this rule. We also ask that everyone arrives at the time of their scan and not before. This is in the city centre and near to the train station with plenty of car parks nearby. You can also create your own scan bundle so that you can choose your own options and price. Because of this we have bought a very comfortable bed with a memory foam mattress so that you can relax at your appointment.

Our scanning suite can take up to 6 people eg husband, wife, 2 children, gran and gramp.

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For alternative clinics and additional services, visit our clinics page. A OneStop breast clinic is a fast track diagnostic clinic for any woman who has noticed recent changes in her breast such as a lump, breast pain, discharge or nipple inversion. These clinics offer triple assessment which provides a rapid and accurate diagnosis of breast cancer and includes the following:.

The benefit of having all of these tests performed on one day is that it will ensure a faster diagnosis which means that any treatment required can be started without delay. Ultrasound, mammography, biopsy, pathology, cyst aspiration and any other follow up procedures that are recommended will be additional charges directly from the hospital. Click here to request a callback.

Ultrasound scanning is used to help monitor and diagnose conditions in many parts of You will be taken to a private area by one of our consultant radiologists​.

Following appropriate referral, all ultrasound examinations will be undertaken by trained musculoskeletal MSK sonographers. The clinic has 2 ultrasound rooms based on the first floor of the Welsh institute of Chiropractic WIOC outpatient clinic. An ultrasound scan is a diagnostic examination which uses high frequency sound waves to create a black and white image of internal anatomy.

It is important to note that an ultrasound scan does not use ionising radiation like X-rays and therefore does not cause you any harm. Your ultrasound scan will be performed by a healthcare professional who has obtained further postgraduate education and training in ultrasound. USW is committed to providing the highest quality education. The MSK ultrasound service is part of a ultrasound clinical training programme and therefore a student may be present and involved in the provision of your MSK ultrasound scan.

It is important to remember that all MSK ultrasound scans are supervised by a qualified healthcare professional. Professional bodies continue to state that evidence from current research does not demonstrate any risk factors from MSK ultrasound. You will have to be referred for the scan by a healthcare practitioner such as a GP, Chiropractor, Osteopath, Physiotherapist or Podiatrist referral forms can be downloaded from this website.

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All our heart screening services are provided by a team of cardiology consultants and paediatric heart specialists. These services are diagnostic in nature and are focused on the diagnosis of cardiac abnormalities in adults and children. Heart Screening Sessions — Working in partnership with the Welsh Hearts charity, we provide monthly screening sessions for children and adults in South Wales.

Initially, patients recieve ECG screening and when abnormalities are identified further examination, echocardiogram screening, guidance and referral if appropriate is provided. Individual Heart Screening Appointments — Private screening appointments are for adults and children with a qualified Cardiologist.

PeekabooBaby is a family run business based in Penarth that offers 2D/3D/4D scanning facilities for women during pregnancy. We use top of the range.

Book your scan. Our pregnancy scan packages can provide additional pregnancy observation and reassurance that is not available on the NHS. More and more patients are also choosing private deliveries over NHS maternity care, and when they do they need to find a trusted provider of private scans. NHS wraparound pregnancy scan package. The 4 scans in this package are specifically chosen to complement your existing NHS antenatal care. They provide additional pregnancy observation and reassurance that is not available on the NHS.

Pregnancy scans performed privately will not affect your right to childbirth on the NHS. Our clinical reports are equal to or higher than NHS standards and will be accepted by any NHS midwife or obstetrician. We are available to communicate with your primary pregnancy carer should they have any queries regarding our clinical diagnoses.

Book now. NHS wraparound plus pregnancy scan package. The four scans in this package are specifically chosen to complement your existing NHS antenatal care. This NHS wraparound package includes the addition of the Harmony prenatal test. Consultant care package.

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An ultrasound uses high-frequency sound waves and their echoes to create pictures of your growing baby. Ultrasound pictures scans are black, white and grey. There are different reasons for doing ultrasound scans at different stages during your pregnancy.

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Women won’t be allowed a partner with them at all hospitals throughout their labour. Hospitals across Wales are changing their rules for patients and visitors to try to limit exposure to coronavirus. It has been confirmed a woman has died after contracting coronavirus at a Welsh hospital where she had gone in for a routine operation. Antenatal care, including midwife appointments and antenatal classes, are being cancelled and replaced with telephone appointments or online videos.

In Cardiff, the midwife-led unit has been closed , and the Tirion Birth Centre has also closed. A Facebook page has been set up by midwives to give women up-to-date advice. All women are now going to a central delivery suite rather than the midwife-led unit and when a woman is moved to a postnatal ward, partners will be asked to leave. If you are having a C-section your partner will be allowed to stay with you up until the point you are transferred to the postnatal ward. When it comes to scans, women are being asked not to attend if they are showing any symptoms, or if anyone in their household is.

As of April 1, Cwm Taf maternity services will not be allowing birthing partners, other than during delivery. Birthing partners will be allowed before and during a c-section, but will be asked to leave when the mother and baby are moved to the postnatal ward. On the labour ward, one birth partner is allowed for the duration of labour.

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Baby Connections is a private obstetric ultrasoun scanning centre at St Joseph’s Hospital with experienced sonographers. We offer a complete range of obstetric packages giving you the reassurance at all stages of your pregnancy. We perform early pregnancy scans, gender determination, 4D and late presentation scans. You are embarkign on a life changing journey.

Baby Connections gives you the opportunity to capture and record these landmark occasions forever utilising state-of-the-art ultrasound technology in stunning high definition.

They’ll also take care of any scans and tests that you need. Midwives are available through the NHS or privately and can be found through the.

Partners will be able to attend pregnancy scans in Wales, following new guidance issued by the Welsh Government. Up until now, birthing partners have not been allowed to visit maternity wards unless a woman is in “active labour” and at birth, because of restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic. But, the Welsh Government has published new advice saying women can now be accompanied by another person during ultrasound appointments.

It says the lack of opportunities for partners to attend these appointments have caused “distress for families” during the pandemic. The revised guidance will be effective from 20 July and includes:. Also, we are aware that lack of opportunities for partners to attend appointments such as ultrasound scans have caused distress for families at this time. There is currently no new guidance on whether partners can stay with women throughout labour.

The government guidance states letters and health board websites should provide advice and contact details for visitors to request approval to accompany patients. It said, “There may be occasions in individual health boards that visiting, for specific reasons, may be limited further than outlined in this guidance. This will most likely be to reduce the number of people in any one area to comply with social distancing rules.

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