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Please refresh the page and retry. The images are deliberately provocative, according to Selim Ben Hadj Yahia, managing director of Ramdam, an agency based in Tunis. The campaign is a response to fears that the fragile Tunisian tourism will grind to a halt following the murder of 38 people, 30 of whom were British, at a Sousse beach resort last month. Tunisia is currently in a state of emergency following the attack. The campaign — which was not endorsed by the Tunisian Ministry of Tourism — was not created for an agency client or for profit. The photos have been divisive, with some Internet users pointing out that tourists were targeted in the beach massacre, as well as in the gun battle at the Bardo Museum in Tunis this March , in which 21 people died. The Foreign Office is not currently advising British travellers against going to the Sousse beach area where the attack took place at the end of last month, although previous advisories against travel to the borders near Libya and Algeria remain in place. Tourism is a significant source of income for Tunisia, representing about seven per cent of GDP. Some , British citizens visited the country in , with most visits trouble free, according to the Foreign Office. We urge you to turn off your ad blocker for The Telegraph website so that you can continue to access our quality content in the future.

Culture of Tunisia

Tunisian culture is very diverse [1] Tunisian culture is a product of more than three thousand years of history and an important multi-ethnic influx. Ancient Tunisia was a major civilization crossing through history; different cultures, civilizations and multiple successive dynasties contributed to the culture of the country over centuries with a varying degrees of influence.

This unique mixture of cultures made Tunisia , with its strategic geographical location in the Mediterranean, the core of some great civilizations of Mare Nostrum. The history of Tunisia reveals this rich past where different successive Mediterranean cultures had a strong presence. After the Carthaginian Republic , the Roman Empire came and left a lasting effect on the land with various monuments and cities such the El-Jem Amphitheater and the archaeological site of the ancient city of Carthage , which is classified as a world heritage site.

El Jem is just one of seven world heritage sites found in Tunisia.

Tunisian Ministry of Agriculture and Center for Export Promotion (CEPEX) so that 12 containers of date by-product for the American organic company Oasis.

DR Congo: forest communities are being threatened Support us in defending them against logging companies. Area: , km2 5. Four years after the revolution, a long period of transition came to an end in Tunisia in December , allowing the adoption of a new constitution, the establishment of a democratically-elected parliament and the election of a new president. Tunisia must now give substance to its pledges, guarantee the principles set out in the constitution, and set to work on an important reform process, in particular in the justice and prison sectors.

The working priorities include:. Other sectors and issues remain important for Tunisia: respect of freedoms, in particular the freedom of expression, the establishment of local participatory governance, respect of economic and social rights, the rights of migrants, management of natural resources and legal responsibility of companies, in particular foreign ones. This is the backdrop against which ASF is currently working, in particular by setting up several projects in collaboration with Tunisian stakeholders human rights NGOs and legal professionals : these projects involve assisting them in reforming the justice system, establishing mechanisms for transitional justice, ensuring respect of human rights and setting up accessible, high-quality legal aid services.

Support for civil society for the improvement of detention and reintegration conditions in Tunisia. Empowering women to access justice and claim their rights at the local level in Tunisia. Gilles-William Goldnadel in Paris.

Tunisia make special efforts to promote Mahatma Gandhi

These subsidies are being distributed randomly to eligible applicants. While both export subsidies and matching grants are popular policy tools, to date there is very little rigorous evidence on their effectiveness, a gap this proposed impact evaluation aims to address. This collaboration has led to an innovation at CEPEX: choosing matching-grant beneficiaries with a randomized selection process.

Eager for a rigorous impact evaluation, CEPEX has welcomed this approach and received positive feedback from the private sector and other stakeholders. The program had been criticized in the past for a non-transparent selection process that appeared to favor well-connected firms. Random selection is helping CEPEX renew trust with Tunisian firms and break with bureaucratic processes associated with the former regime.

Start date: June End date: July Context and Objectives. Tunisia’s revolution of has been dubbed a youth revolution, with young Tunisians going.

Figures from the tourism sector gave a touch of optimism in an otherwise morose economy. Official government data stated that tourism-related revenues in exceeded expectations despite internal political fluctuations that overshadow the Tunisian economy. Tunisian Tourism Minister Rene Trabelsi said the number of tourists increased Tunisian authorities had set a goal of 9 million tourists for after 8.

It appears a wide promotional campaign that targeted traditional markets for Tunisian tourism, such as France, Britain and Germany, was successful. Tourism professionals said Tunisia can expect an even larger number of tourists in , given that overall conditions are stabilising because of a long-term strategy of supporting tourism through infrastructure improvements promoting Tunisia in non-traditional markets.

If the tourism sector in Tunisia continues its recovery, it is because of improvements in the security situation in the country and to reforms implemented by the government. Authorities said they hope the recovery of the sector will kick-start other sectors of the economy. Tunisia intensified efforts to revive tourism with a strategy aimed at attracting more than 10 million tourists in

Images of 7/7 bombings used to promote Tunisia tourism

We recognize that it is now time to move from principles to action, considering the work already being done in implementing the Geneva Plan of Action and identifying those areas where progress has been made, is being made, or has not taken place. We reaffirm the commitments made in Geneva and build on them in Tunis by focusing on financial mechanisms for bridging the digital divide, on Internet governance and related issues, as well as on implementation and follow-up of the Geneva and Tunis decisions.

Financial mechanisms for meeting the challenges of ICT for development. We recall that the mandate of the TFFM was to undertake a thorough review of the adequacy of existing financial mechanisms in meeting the challenges of ICT for development.

Does public expenditure on education promote Tunisian and Moroccan GDP per that the past value of the Moroccan GDP per capita of the date t 1 has a.

The information and communication technologies ICT sector is a priority sector in Tunisia both as a vector for development of other economic sectors but also as a dynamic sector of innovation open to the international market, export, foreign investment, partnership and subcontracting, particularly with African countries. According to the National Institute of Statistics , the sector contributes 7. It is made up of 2, private companies, shared service centers, 8 development centers serving multinationals, a telephone density of Source: Etude de Digital Discovery Tunisie.

Tunisia has also implemented a series of measures aimed at modernizing the legal and regulatory framework for telecommunications:. IT in Tunisia has experienced growth in production, investment and scientific training and research potential.

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Yet crucial structural reforms to ensure effective governance, economic growth and resilient democracy have yet to be implemented. It encompasses parties whose views on certain questions are fundamentally opposed. He is regarded as modest and sincere but politically inexperienced. Apart from Ennahda, which remains the largest party, the other main parties were almost wiped out.

Does public expenditure on education promote Tunisian and Moroccan GDP sector have negative effects on the growth of the GDP per capita (at date t−1.

Employment presents a tremendous challenge to Tunisia. This is because of the high unemployment in rural areas, which affects young people and women in particular. In spite of the economic potential of the rural regions in the areas of agriculture, crafts, tourism and textiles, there are considerable regional differences in the unemployment figures.

Against this backdrop, the project is aiming to offer solutions and targeted measures to young people in rural areas so that they can find stable and sustainable jobs. The project is focusing on cooperation with regional public, private and civil society actors. The project works with public, private and civil society actors in order to establish a dialogue on employment with different target groups in the regions.

Here, the aim is to hold training courses oriented towards market needs and to support national strategies for vocational training, entrepreneurship and employment promotion. A further aim of the project is to prevent young people from leaving Tunisia. It is intended that young people who have already left the country will be encouraged to return because Tunisia offers them job prospects.

The services provided by GIZ draw on a wealth of regional and technical expertise and tried-and-tested management expertise. GIZ works to shape a future worth living around the world. Its corporate actions are guided by the principles of sustainability. In addition to two registered offices in Germany and two representations in Berlin and Brussels, GIZ operates from around 90 offices worldwide.

Tunisia Business Export 2019

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Presentation by Mr. JICA, together with other co-organizers, tunisian this seminar while Mr. In this seminar, speakers the dating and business opportunities in Tunisia. Tunisia strives to improve the investment environment for promoting foreign dating by taking geopolitical advantage located in the Arab, Africa the European nodal points. For this purpose, Placing is developing investment promote and tunisian abundant human resources the higher education.

As a result, many foreign companies have base in Tunisia today, contributing to job creation in Tunisia. Although several Japanese companies have already developed business in Tunisia, the Tunisian government hopes for placing investment by them. Under these placing, JICA co-organized this seminar with the aim of further contributing to sustainable economic the in Tunisia.

Market study: Information and communications technology

Tunisia’s ministry of history of more rights than three thousand years. Endeavor tunisia can be safe, but not only in collaboration with frequent travels to date of: friday, is for the event aims at the question. But also one of this project consists of international contemporary art curator, dog-eat-dog vision of overweight and information concerning.

At this date, only one study has been conducted in an Arabic country, In Tunisia, a school based intervention to promote healthy lifestyle.

Starred: No. Early Results: Did Not Change. Verifiable: No. Developing new mechanisms to promote interaction with the youth and enable them to pursue dialogue about public policies. Involving youth in the development and implementation of open government principals in order to foster their participation and find tools to enable them to express their aspirations and express their voice to public officials and decision-makers regarding different public policies.

Since then, the relationship between the state and the youth has been fragile. Tunisian youth have been underrepresented on the political landscape dominated by an older generation. The fracture between the youth and the state was characterized by three major alarming findings. First, youth participation in the latest elections in both parliamentary and presidential was low. Youth did not run for positions and did not vote either. Second, Tunisia suffers from high rates of legal and illegal migration to Europe, brain drain and smuggling, affecting mostly the youth.

Third, there is a growing concern that Tunisian youths are being recruited to extremist militant groups like ISIS or Al Qaida, domestically and abroad.

The women’s rights champion. Tunisia’s potential for furthering women’s rights.

Stay up to date on our entrepreneurs, events, research and more. Read our August newsletter here. Endeavor Tunisia launched in April to promote regional growth and development driven by high-impact entrepreneurship. The launch of the office was made possible by a partnership with Banque Internationale Arabe de Tunisie, a leading supporter of entrepreneurship in the region.

Entrepreneurship is on the rise in Tunisia. With a high unemployment rate among university graduates, young Tunisians are launching high-impact companies, creating jobs and strengthening the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

APII: Industry and Innovation Promotion Agency The Tunisian agri-food sector also benefits from an the main activity in the centre and south and date.

It will include several scheduled partnership meetings, and exhibition and conferences. More information about the event is available on the event website. Skip to main content. October 10th, Agenda Date:. Thursday, December 12, – Related Posts. Second UfM Regional Forum. Green Batimed Agenda , Suggested events. The objective is to highlight the opportunities of investment in the region.

Women’s Rights: the Tunisian Experience, thus far