Math Stations for Kindergarten

Free, fun and useful Kindergarten – 1st Grade, Common Core aligned lesson plans, math games, calendars, behavior charts, materials and more! Today was our last day before Spring Break! No kiddos, just a Share Fair that our district has every year for Professional Development. Hi, friends! So, our school-wide math night was a huge success. While parents were in 30 minute math classes, our students had a blast with math games and activities throughout the school. We saw about 40 of our 1st grade families, which was great! Our half-hour session focused on two main things -explaining the Recipe for Teaching – Ingredients for making learning fun and engaging!

Need Some Valentine’s Day Inspiration for Your Math Centers?

I recently shared about how you can make these cheap, hands on centers for word work and writing and use them all year long. Students can grab their case and get to work. I do believe that accountability is important when it comes to math centers, so I recommend using recording sheets , or having students record their work in a journal.

center time. Here are loads and loads of math center activities that are student-​tested, teacher-approved. 1st and 2nd Grade Math Toothy Bundle · 3rd Grade.

We are continuing to build our collection of seasonal math centers geared towards fourth and fifth grade classroom. If there is a skill you would like to see us cover in the next set, please let us know. The link to download the complete set of printables can be found by clicking on the link towards the bottom of the post. We suggest printing in color and laminating for durability. Use at your math centers or for some engaging review morning centers as your students come into the classroom.

Students take turns rolling a die and moving. The first to the finish is the winner. One to be used with traditional dice and the other designed for sided dice. The first player with four in a row is the winner. Students match standard form, word form and extended form. Includes numbers that have decimals. Students follow directions, record the problem and solve. Recording sheets and answer key provided. Looking for a Pattern Game Boards Students find and complete the patterns on these boards.

16 Fun and Free First Grade Math Games and Activities

Shop recommended products from Nicole and Eliceo on Amazon. Learn more about Nicole and Eliceo’s favorite products. Taking turns to count money. This 29 page download includes 5 activities or centers with printable worksheets and coin manipulative cards.

This is a perfect activity for the younger kids. The packet includes colorful count the room materials for 3 separate games. In the first game, students count the.

Today I am so so excited to bring you a great free resource that is going to help you get started with your BUILD math center routines and will absolutely transform your math block!! I am always so grateful for you and your support, I am so humbled to be able to serve YOU and your students. In the big scheme of things, this is just a small thing that I wanted to do for you in order to help you at the busy beginning of the year with everything that there is to be done.

The structure and engagement that they provide while you are meeting with your small groups, is the best yet! I have used them in my classroom for the past 8 years and I have never looked back! The activities in the first grade free BUILD math centers target place value, understanding the equal sign, data and graphing, word problems, addition and subtraction to 20 and more! I explain how to implemen t BUILD math centers, what they are, how they work, and why they are the best way to enrich your math block!

For the 2nd grade free BUILD math centers, you will find activities that target odd and even numbers, open number lines, addition and subtraction to 20, two-digit addition and subtraction, word problems, skip counting, and tons more! You will be set for a good chunk of August, while you build routines that will carry on for the rest of the year.

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Halloween Math Centers for Preschool, Kindergarten, and First Grade (and a free math center)

Every year about this time, I start to notice my students getting bored with the same usual math centers. That means I need to go online and start hunting down new math center ideas to find something that will hold their interest, but also teach them a thing or two about math. They are activities you can implement without any purchase of my products — for any concept!

These first grade math games definitely. Save. Save. First Grade Math Free Games & Printables at Valentine Measurement Center.

These 42 adorable bubblegum themed Digital Task Cards are compatible on the Boom Learning platform and Google Classroom perfect for distance learning. These task cards focus on 3 different activities to practice and master Double Facts. These digital task cards work great on ipads, laptops, desktops Need more practice counting money? Print the 35 included Bingo cards and then project slides showing different collections of bills and coins.

Students will find the money amount on the projection and then cover it on their Bingo cards. We love covering the spaces with real penn These digital task cards will test the ability of matching a 3D shape to a real life object. This deck includes 53 cards and 20 cards will be chosen at random each time the deck is played.

Boom Cards are perfect for centers, laptops, chromebooks, iPads, and tablets. They are self-checking providing

Math Centers For First Grade

Here is the challenge- you are working with students who are functioning at a vast array of levels. You are continually trying to figure out how to differentiate materials and keep it all interesting. This is no easy task.

Math centers for kindergarten, first grade, and second grade that are cheap and hands on! Low Prep, Hands On Math Centers Your Students Will Love You can join my FREE Facebook Club for k-2 teachers here!

Setting up math centers in your classroom can be overwhelming, stressful, and confusing. I know that I tried and failed several times before I found the right combination that worked for me. Before I started math centers, I had a lot of questions and concerns about how centers would really work in my room. How can I create meaningful, engaging centers every single week?

After beginning centers in my room, I soon discovered that centers are flexible, engaging, rigorous and fun! Centers are a powerful way to get students engaged in hands-on activities on their level. It helps them practice the concepts in concrete, representational also called the pictorial or semi-concrete , and abstract ways.

So now that you’ve decided you are ready to try centers, there are four blog posts that I have written that can help you with everything you need to get centers working in your room. This is the first.

Math Center Activities

Math centers are a very important part of the math block but you must have enough math center activities to keep your students engaged all year. Earlier it was mentioned that my math center groups are not grouped according to their ability level. The other key to smooth and effective centers is to choose centers that the students know how to play. Bottom line, this can be achieved by choosing math centers that your students know how to play and the only thing that changes is the skill.

Let me explain.

The activities are suitable for kids in preschool, kindergarten, first grade, second Free patterning mats and counting activities for spring and math centers.

Picture this. How would that feel? Great, right? This can become your reality. This can look like many different things…. Before I even place a new activity or game into math center rotations, I make sure that I model how to play it in front of the whole class.

The Cornerstone For Teachers

Best of all, the entire pack is in color AND blackline! At the end of this blog post, stay tuned for a tasty appetizer freebie! Use 1 die to focus on your learners who need more support in turn-taking, one-to-one correspondence, and following directions. I have used this game with my special needs son, and the bold font helps his visual processing issues.

Use a large die for this subset of students. You could even velcro the dots for added visual support.

See more ideas about First grade math, Math, Math classroom. Grab a TON of FREE Math Games to help strengthen your students’ addition & subtraction.

In this article, I’m sharing everything you need to know in order to make Math Centers a success in the classroom. Plus, download free printable math activities and math games that can be used in centers! One of the hardest things to do is change the way we teach. We learn in educational programs that engaging students with each other and individualizing instruction are some of the keys to keeping students on track. One of the solutions to getting out of this pattern of whole group instruction is the use of rotations and Math Centers.

Those of us teachers who are of an age that our teachers in elementary and middle school did not employ math centers or rotations sometimes struggle to grasp how math instruction can be made more engaging by using these techniques. My experience is that teachers at the younger grades are more willing to implement Math Centers, but teachers at the middle school level, and definitely at the high school level are increasingly unaware of what math centers and rotations are, or are unwilling to avail themselves of the opportunities that Math Centers or rotations present.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of using learning centers in middle school and high school classrooms, I suggest downloading this informative eBook from Dr. Katherine McKnight.

1st Grade Math Center Video