The Teaching and Practice of Entrepreneurship within Canadian Higher Education Institutions

Diverse, well-developed supply chains can help companies reduce costs, enhance innovation, successfully integrate acquired businesses, and reach new markets. However, many women-owned and minority-owned businesses have had difficulty gaining access to the supply chains of leading Canadian businesses and government organizations. Reinforcing this challenge is the fact that the benefits of diverse supply chains are not widely known in Canada, even though they create a win-win opportunity for both the supplier and the producer. There is a strong business case for leveraging businesses owned by women and minorities in larger organizational supply chains. Beyond corporate social responsibility, diverse supply chains may help corporations to:. By raising awareness of the benefits that supplier diversity creates for businesses and the economy, this briefing aims to help remove or mitigate many of the barriers to its growth in Canada. Businesses owned by women and minorities are a dynamic component of the Canadian economy. To promote the growth of women- and minority-owned businesses and forge links to potential new markets for their products, some large Canadian organizations are leading the way by creating supplier diversity initiatives and programs—and reaping the benefits.

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The Government of Canada is committed to advancing gender equality and women’s economic empowerment and to supporting women entrepreneurs through the Women Entrepreneurship Strategy WES , which was announced in Budget As part of this strategy, the Government is ensuring women across Canada have access to the supports they need to start or grow a business. Over 50 projects were funded through this initiative. These projects are led by non-profit organizations and take into account the needs of diverse and under-represented women.

Priority was given to national projects that would deliver benefits in all provinces and territories.

the following link: A If you make the Pre-Qualified Pool, there will be matchmaking.

World Canada Local. Full Menu Search Menu. Close Local your local region National. Search Submit search Suggested Search. Close X. Top Stories. After four days full of stark warnings about the future of democracy should Trump win a second term, Biden closed the convention by laying out a path forward. Coronavirus: Canada adds new cases, 5 deaths on Thursday.

Scientists may have found first human link between antibodies, coronavirus protection.

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This publication is not a legal document. It contains general information and is provided for convenience and guidance in applying the Competition Act. For permission to reproduce the information in this publication for commercial redistribution, please Apply for Crown Copyright Clearance or write to:. Financial technology FinTech has the potential to dramatically change the way financial products and services are accessed and used by Canadians.

The innovative technologies being introduced by new entrants into the financial services sector promise to increase choice, improve convenience and lower prices for consumers and businesses alike.

provided several ways for Canadians to participate “matchmaking” among funders, customers, partners and clean technology firms​; sector:

December 8, – In recent years, the habitat of deer ticks from the south has begun to edge into more northern environments. The most concerning of these is the spirochete corkscrew-shaped bacterium borrelia burgdorferi, the causative agent of Lyme disease, an illness on the rise in Canada due to the spread of deer ticks. These symptoms, if left undetected or untreated, may lead to severe cardiac, rheumatoid, or neurological dysfunction later on. To complicate matters further, controversy over the diagnosis and treatment of Lyme disease has split the medical community in Canada and elsewhere, with some adopting the established dogma that infections are rare and can be treated without difficulties, while others question all aspects of the disease.

In , Lyme disease became a nationally reportable disease in Canada with cases reported that year [iv]. In , there were cases reported. Worse still, many organizations, including the Centre for Disease Control CDC , believe that under-reporting is rampant by both doctors and patients due to poor diagnostic measures and misconceptions about the disease.

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As of June 8, foreign nationals who are immediate family members of Canadians and Canadian permanent residents, and who do not have COVID or exhibit any signs or symptoms of COVID, or who do not have any reason to believe that they have COVID, will be exempt from the prohibition on entry to Canada if entering to be with an immediate family member for a period of at least 15 days.

Foreign nationals who enter Canada pursuant to this exemption must quarantine for 14 days. Pre-existing travel restrictions remain in place for foreign nationals who do not fall within specific exemption categories, and optional or discretionary travel to Canada is not permitted at this time.

Play matchmaker for talent—Innovation is fuelled by talented people. Canada, “Overview of the Department,”

The modified CIIRDF would operate in close collaboration with the respective innovation agencies and programs in both countries building on their capacities and expertise. Once the preparatory work and budgeting are completed, CIIRDF will once again renew its important and productive role with a strengthened governance model and sustainable financial base. Moreover, it has leveraged its unique bilateral platform to engage sector specific and regional cooperation. Over the past years, CIIRDF has also launched targeted programs in the energy sector and, most recently in cyber security.

In paying tribute to the contribution of Dr. Rothschild, Aharon stated:. Henri Rothschild is the ultimate pioneer in Israel-Canada innovation, science and technology collaboration. He charted a bold path that enabled the countries to collaborate in new ways, catalyzing productive industry-led cooperation and economic impact for a quarter of a century.

With a goal to develop and commercialize new products and services for global markets, these bilateral projects harness the technology strengths and knowledge of 22 Canadian and Israeli firms and research partners.

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For full program visit our website. Cleantech Marketplace Forum CTMF is a not-for-profit platform set up to connect cleantech companies with low carbon technologies or solutions, against projects, investment and financing and vice versa, with an Asia Pacific focus and global outlook. Its associate company, GAC Ventures, is part of the consortium in the pilot development of the creative, cleantech and soft infrastructure clusters in Clark Green City, Philippines.

GAC Ventures is an MOU partner of GTPO and is also operating the Green Business Exchange, an online platform connecting thousands of eco-products and environmental solutions across different industry sectors for the international markets.

Online matchmaking platform. The platform becomes available upon Email: [email protected] It is highly recommended to.

Global Affairs Canada is pleased to invite eligible Canadian institutions to participate in the next edition of the EduCanada Fairs in Mexico. These fairs are designed to allow Canadian representatives to reach out to potential students and parents, as well as educational agents and institutional representatives throughout the region. The Canadian embassy in Mexico will be providing institutions with free customized services and will be organizing networking events, school visits and business-to-business meetings.

The EduCanada brand supports the international education offer of Canadian provinces and territories. The EduCanada brand signals that its holder consistently provides high quality education programs, deals with international students in accordance with recognized codes of practice and is subject to quality assurance mechanisms that monitor adherence to set standards.

Further to the Brand Use Eligibility Policy jointly established by Global Affairs Canada and the CMEC, K schools, post-secondary education institutions and language schools are invited to consult the provincial lists of brand eligible institutions at www.

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This website will change as a result of the dissolution of Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada. This paper is intended only to stimulate discussion and feedback. The views expressed in this paper do not constitute official policy positions of the Government of Canada. In , a Government of Canada-wide approach to update the way in which the Government of Canada purchases goods and services was launched.

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The call for proposals has been launched. This collaboration provides Canada an opportunity to engage diverse communities in generating transformative eHealth solutions. CIHR is pleased to announce that it will make funding available to support Canadian researcher interested in developing ICT-based solutions targeting any AAL domain, with a focus on specified markets through multilateral collaborations. AAL is envisaging an interactive and informative event!

Register now and do not miss the opportunity to learn more about this new funding opportunity while meeting potential project partners! Remote participation is welcome – the link to a live web stream will be posted on the website on the day of the info day 31 January.

Modernization of Indigenous participation in procurement: discussion paper

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in traditionally under-represented sectors;; networking, matchmaking and mentorship opportunities;; incubator and accelerator.

The definition of Convention refugee is forward-looking. In a claim for refugee status, the issue is not whether the claimant had good reason to fear persecution in the past, but whether, at the time the claim is being assessed, the claimant has good grounds for fearing persecution in the future. Note 1. Claimants must establish that they have a subjective fear of persecution and also that the fear is well-founded in an objective sense, Note 2 that is, it is justified in light of the objective situation.

When evaluating conditions in the claimant’s country of origin, the tribunal is required to consider evidence of the conditions as they exist at the time of the hearing. Note 3. Claimants do not have to establish that they have been persecuted in the past. Note 4 Even if they can do so, “past persecution is insufficient of itself to establish a fear of future persecution”.